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In 1995 Mr. Gochev graduated from the London College of Classical Homeopathy in Bulgaria. He has been taught by Mr. Peter Chappell and Mrs. Angela Needham, experienced homeopaths and lecturers who have a great contribution to the development of homeopathy in Bulgaria.

Mr. Gochev has studied phytotherapy, aromatherapy and other types of alternative medicine for some years with two of the most famous naturopaths in Bulgaria. He has completed a three-month course in massage at the National Sports Academy as well as a course in Reiki therapy. 

Mr. Gochev’s success in treating diffrent health problems is due to the persistent study and application of the radiesthetic (dowsing) method for an individual selection of a therapy and drugs for every patient, a method that is relatively time-consuming to be acquired, but giving excellent results against many diseases.

Mr. Gochev's method of treating migraines and headaches has been improved for more than 20 years (since 1990) and is based on the simultaneous application of three therapies of alternative medicine – homeopathy, phytotherapy and aromatherapy. Each of them could remove your migraine, if applied properly. But through Mr. Gochev's method you get the best from all three therapies together. The results show that this method is absolutely enough for migraine and a tension (stress) headache to be cured. Mr. Gocho Gochev picks out the most suitable approach for each patient as well as for every stage of his/her treatment. The treatment of migraine usually lasts for 4 months (in serious cases for 8-10 months).

Today Mr. Gochev offers you an accessible way to struggle with migraine, a tension (stress) headache, distress, nervous strain and insomnia with the products "Dr. Biomaster Migraoil" and "Dr. Biomaster MigraTincture". Created on his recipes, these two products can be used separately or better simultaneously in domestic conditions, they are cheap, easy to use, and give outstanding results. 

If you want an individual treatment, including homeopathic drugs, herbal products and the massage oil "Dr. Biomaster Migraoil", you can write Mr. Gochev through our web-page and he will answer you.