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Some of the following cases which do not mention dates, indicating the beginning and the end of the treatment, are usually of cases which date back 10-15 years. In those cases the treatment included homeopathic remedies. If you use the products "Dr. Biomaster Migratincture" and "Dr. Biomaster Migraoil" you can achieve same excellent results!

Case 1

Ms. M. V., 5 years old

My daughter started having migraine attacks 3 years ago, after she had been scared by a dog.

Her migraine was accompanied by acute pain in the left side of the head. She had attacks 3 to 8 times a week, with nausea and dizziness. She sometimes vomited. The attacks normally lasted 1-3 hours, but sometimes continued for more than 6 hours.

The attacks always began in the evening after she had taken a nap in the afternoon. Four neurologists treated her but none of them successfully. She took different medicines to relieve her pain. Her father had also suffered from migraines for the last 22 years. Since the beginning the treatment M suffered no more migraine attacks and even now, a year later, they have not returned. Over this last year there have been periods with no headache at all and periods with some slight headache, but without the rest of the intense migraine symptoms.

The treatments lasted 14 months and ended on September 30th 2002.

(Since the end of the treatment and up to the present – June 23rd 2011, the child has not sought Mr. Gochev’s help.)

Case 2

Mr. V. V., 6 years old

V had his first migraine attack when he was only 8 months old. After this he had migraine fits every week for the next six months. These fits were accompanied by vomiting. Over the next six months the attacks happened every fourteen days, and after that they appeared every 1-2 months.

Up to the age of 4 he remained undiagnosed. During one of the attacks he slipped into a coma due to dehydratation caused by the intense vomiting. He was taken to hospital and diagnosed with migraine. The prescribed treatment turned out to be inefficient.

The child was looked after mainly by his grandmother. Before the beginning of Mr. Gochev’s treatment the child had suffered approximately 120-130 migraine fits, all accompanied by vomiting. The child had a restless sleep. Sometimes he would cry for hours and would not get a wink of sleep during whole nights.

They could not take him on public transport as this would make him cry until he turned blue.

V's grandmother claims that she had not had a proper nightsleep for 5 years because of her grandson's continuous crying at night. In her opinion this case could be included in the Guiness Book of Records.

Two months after the beginning of the treatment the migraine attacks ceased allowing the child to find a more normal sleep pattern.

The people who know V say that he has changed radically in a positive direction.

On July 15th 2011 Mr. Gochev had a meeting with his former patient V and his caring grandmother. He was informed that in the past 10 years V has had only one migraine fit which resulted form an emotional overload.

Case 3

Ms. M.P., 17 years

My daughter got sick in the summer of 2005, a day after our cat died while he was being neutered. She went to the clinic to see him. On the next evening she started complaining from stomach pain, nausea and later on she started vomiting. We took her to the emergency room. She went through many different tests but the doctors were not able to find out what caused the pain. They gave her different medications but the only thing that was able to stop the nausea and vomiting was a very strong narcotic medication that is given to patients after surgery. This made her sleep about 10 hours and after that she felt better. On the next day she was on a light liquid diet.

One day after that, in the evening she had another episode with the same symptoms and we took her to the emergency room again. The doctors did more tests and again the tests showed that everything was normal. The only thing that helped was the same strong medication and after she slept for 10 hours she was feeling well again… but there was another episode a day after that, for the third time.

This time she was hospitalized right after the emergency room. The doctors wanted to do an endoscopy and a CAT scan to see if there was a tumor in her brain. The results were normal; everything showed that she was in good physical health. There was no reason for her symptoms. She stayed at the hospital for 3 days; mostly on a liquid diet. Every time she had an episode she was given the same medication. She was discharged undiagnosed.

After a few days everything started over and she was hospitalized again. The doctors wanted to do another test but they could not because right before the test she had another episode. She stayed at the hospital for three days, and they did not know how to treat her condition. Then I remembered about the accident with the cat and I told them that she was very sad and she might have been scared to see him dead. Then a psychologist talked to her. He thought that she was depressed and he recommended antidepressants. We did not agree because of the bad side effects, and because we found out that in some countries these type of medications are not prescribed to children. She was 17 years old back then. Also the doctors did not know if this was going to stop her episodes. She was still undiagnosed and they transferred her to a different hospital.

The following week psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors who have knowledge about the different pain medications started working with her. They tried to find out why she was having these symptoms and what the best treatment was. They wanted to stop the strong medication that was given to her several times already because it was addictive. But this was the only medication that was giving her relief. So, they were trying their best to find something else instead and were leaving her suffering for about 15 hours during which they used different medications. 

Since nothing else worked she started to get anxious and started making herself vomit because this was giving her relief from the pain and nausea for 20-30 minutes. This was the time when the doctors decided that she needs anti anxiety medications. The medications made her sleepy but they could not stop the episodes. The doctors also thought that she might be bulimic or anorexic. On the seventh day they transferred her to a health unit for kids with behavioral problems and eating disorders. There she was given high dose of the anti anxiety medications that changed her a lot. She started forgetting, she could not remember what she had done couple of hours ago. She had no emotions at all, she was not smiling. It looked like she was not suffering either, just as if she was not there. She was absent. They discharged her after 15 days and the doctor’s recommendation was that she needs to take anti depressants.

Margarita became unsure, afraid that she was really sick and that we were hiding from her what the problem was. Toward the end of October, when her period started, she had cramps and she got scared that everything was going to repeat again, she became anxious and she had another episode. So, she was hospitalized again. She stayed at the hospital about a week and she was given different medication and this time we agreed that she starts taking antidepressants. She started taking them in the beginning of November.

Toward the end of November was the following episode and again, emergency room, hospitalization and more medications but nothing actually worked. This made me believe that we could not count on this course of treatment any more. It was time to research some other options, to see if the alternative medicine had a treatment for her condition. We are from Bulgaria originally so I contacted some Bulgarian doctors and they said that they could try to help but Margarita had to go there. I learned about Mr. Gochev and his treatment through a friend of mine. She told me that he was a homeopath. I did not know what this exactly meant. All I knew was that it is a part of the alternative medicine but I had never been interested in it. I called him and explained my daughter’s condition to him. He said that my daughter had symptoms of a stomach migraine and that he knew how to treat it. I could not believe it. So many doctors did their best and they could not help but he understood her problem and he was sure that the treatment was there. I was thinking: No way, impossible.

Meanwhile Margarita was in the hospital. During these couple of weeks she had episodes that lasted days. Nothing could stop them. She started complaining from chest pain. The stomach pain and nausea were unbearable. She was making herself vomit so she could feel better for at least a half an hour. The doctors recommended that her hands were tied so she could not do it. Then she started experimenting with hot showers. They helped her somehow. She would take more than ten showers some days. One of the doctors said that she was doing all this to attract our attention. This made her feel really bad. She felt like she was in this serious condition and nobody was able to help her or even believe her.

By this time the doctors decided that she actually has an eating disorder and they recommended that she gets a treatment in a specialized clinic for people with eating disorders. Since there is no such a clinic in our state, we found one in a different state and I took her there. The psychologist who admitted and interview her understood that she has nothing like an eating disorder but he decided to admit her and monitor her to try to determine what the problem is. She stayed there for 10 days, had 2 episodes and went to the ER twice. Because of that and because she was medically unstable she had to be transferred to a different hospital. They flew her with a medical emergency plane to a different city in the same state. Her blood picture was bad, her vital sighs: blood pressure and pulse changed drastically when she was getting up from the bed so doctors wanted her to move around in a wheelchair because they were afraid that she might fall down. We were asked to give our permission so she could start a new medication, something that could help her if she had a stomach migraine. The medicine had bad side effects; it could have been fatal for the liver and pancreas even if taken for a short period of time. And there was no guarantee that it was going to work for her. This lasted for a couple of days and the doctors dropped the diagnosis. They said that once she gets medically stable they will discharge her and she had to work with a team of doctors back in our state. This team had to review her medical history and come up with a treatment plan. We had been told that if she has stomach migraine she will have to learn to live with it. The treatment might help to make the symptoms milder and not so often but she had learn to cope with pain. They suggested that I might have to take care of her in the following 6 months.

My daughter’s last hospitalization was from end of November through January 1st, in three different hospitals, two different states. She was discharged undiagnosed. She was not getting better. The prognosis for her future was discouraging but this was my daughter and I could not accept this future for her. I knew there was only one option left. The only person who claimed to be familiar with this condition and knew how to treat it was Mr. Gochev. I only had to make sure that she was in the best possible health so I could take her to Bulgaria.

Since I had to take care of her and I was absent from work so often I lost my job… I had to take her to the doctor’s office every other day for blood tests. Meanwhile I bought tickets and in the middle of January we arrived in Bulgaria.

Margarita’s treatment started on the next day after our arrival. It included massages with essential oil, herbs and homeopathic products. Between the 10th and the 14th day of the treatment she gradually stopped taking all of the medications that she was given previously. She stared to feel relieved, cheerful, and optimistic. She looked healthier, happier, felt better and she understood that there was hope.

The doctors who treated her during the first five months told us that I have to take care of her 6 to 12 months and that she will have episodes all her life if her condition was a stomach migraine. SHE WENT THROUGH MR. GOCHEV’S TREATMENT THAT CONTINUED COUPLE OF MONTHS AND SHE DID NOT HAVE A SINGLE EPIZODE. In the past 5 and a half years since that she has not had another episode.

Thanks to Mr. Gochev’s treatment with the essential oil, herbal tea and homeopathic medications my family regained the happiness and joy in life.

Case 4

Mrs. G. H., 50 years old -

For thirty years I suffered from migraines. The attacks were every 2-3 months. They were accompanied by nausea and dizziness and any strong light and noise made the symptoms even worse. The fits often lasted for 2 days, despite the medications I took. In the days without attacks I still had headaches. During those 30 years I also had allergy, fear neurosis, duodenal ulcer, swelling of the joints of the hands and feet. Over the last 10 years I had tried treatments using all kinds of medications and ointments. I made 10 visits to mineral spa centres, for fifteen days each time. The improvement was only ever temporary.

As early as the first week of Mr. Gochev's treatment I experienced a considerable improvement. After several months of treatment the complaints disappeared. I am now in good health. Eight years have passed since the treatment and I have had no further migraine fits.

Case 5

Mrs. T. I., 72 years old –

I had migraine attacks for twenty years. The pain was most often located in the temples and the forehead, and more rarely it reached the sinuses. I had awful pains twice a week accompanied by nausea and vomiting. During the fits, which lasted for about two hours, I felt exhausted and no medicine could helpme.

No more than inthe first week after I consulted Mr. Gochev and started taking the homeopathic remedies he prescribed for me the migraines disappeared and in the years since they have not reappeared.

Case 6

Mrs. N. I., 47 years old -

I had suffered from migraine attacks for seven years. These occurred every month and lasted about twenty-four hours. The headache was so intense that it affected the whole head. I felt a nervous strain and had arrhythmia. Over the last few years of this period the migraine fits had become more and more frequent. I had attacks twice a week and they lasted for about two hours each.

After a two-month treatment I now no longer have migraine fits.

Case 7

Mrs. N. S., 56 years old –

For 6 years I had recurrent migraine headaches, which were so strong that it feltas if I was dying. During the last months I had fits every day.I would always try to alleviate the pain with various painkillers, but all Itried was without result. According to several neurologists, I had an inflamed nerve. I felt a pain “stabbing me like a knife" in the head. The location of the pain moved towards the nose and the left ear. The doctors told me that I could not be cured. During the first three days of Mr. Gochev's treatment I had several light healing reactions. After a five-month treatment I was cured as my headache was at last gone.

Case 8

Mrs. D. N., 45 years old

I had suffered for over twenty years from migraines with nausea and vomiting. Approximatively two times a month, the headaches would not cease for one to seven days. It most often affected the neck and the eyebrows. I felt a stiffness in the neck and even the slightest noise used to irritate me. The same occurred with light. To try to calm this I took analgesics. But only two months after the beginning of the treatment the migraine fits ceased and they have not appeared ever since. I feel fantastic.

Case 9

Mrs. Y. K., 26 years old -

I had suffered from "excruciating fits of migraine" for ten years. I had taken some of the strongest analgesics and all without a considerable effect. The crises usually lasted from six to eight days, the pain moved from the one half of my head to the other. The pain was slight in the morning, reaching extremes by noon. I developed an absolute aversion to noise, light and cigarette smoke as they increased the pain dramatically. I had up to four fits per month and had fallen into depression. My mood often changed. I had no appetite or even will to live. No sooner had the treatment started than I felt a great improvement. After an eight month treatment the fits finally disappeared completely.

Case 10

Mrs. M. M., 51 years old -

Since 1974 I had suffered from headaches once or twice a month. The migraine fits would be accompanied by nausea and retching. Without the help of strong painkillers my condition would become unbearable. When I took anesthetics the crises would pass in about an hour. I felt a throbbing pain above the right temple, and over the last years it affected my whole head. I also had arrhythmia and palpitation on a daily basis. After only a two-month treatment by Mr. Gochev these dissapeared and now I feel wonderful.

Case 11

Mrs. R. L., 56 years old –

I suffered from migraines, had a duodenal ulcer, dizziness, weakness and frequently also faint spells. I was treated with medications for a long time without a satisfactory result. After several months of treatment the diseases were eliminated.

Case 12

Mrs. E. N., 47 years old -

I had migraines for 20 years. The fits occurred at irregular intervals. Towards the end of this period I had fits every week. I would be awoken at 2-4 o'clock in the morning with an intense headache. Followed this I would vomit and feel exhausted afterwards. I also suffered from palpitations. As early as the first few days of the homeopathic treatment the pain became less intense and the vomiting stopped. After a six-month treatment all the symptoms disappeared completely.

Case 13

Mrs. V. N., 49 years old –

I had suffered from migraine headaches for over 10 years. During the last year the attacks appeared once or twice a month. They were always accompanied by nausea and vomiting. They usually lasted from 4to 12 hours, but sometimes could last for 2 days without interruption. The pain was located in the back of the head and I would also feel strong tension in the area of the eyes which affected my sightduring each fit. The feeling was as if I had hotlava poured onto my head. Some drugs and coffee slightly relieved the pain and the attacks lasted only 4-5 hours. One month after the beginning of Mr. Gochev’s homeopathic treatment I no longer hadany migraine fits.

Over the next two months I had only one slight fit that lasted 2 hours, but this time it wasn't accompanied by nausea and vomiting and it ceased after I washedmy face. I haven't had any migraine attacks for 3 months now.

Case 14

Mrs. D. S., 45 years –

I suffered from migraine, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, for 15 years.

The pain affected the whole head, my eyes were running either one or the other, depending on the location and intensity of thepain. It was affected and would get worse depending on light, noise and heat.I often would have only one week a month without headache. I suffered from insomnia and nerve spasms in the stomach. During the migraine fitsI would have to take painkillersevery 2 hours. I suffered from vertigo, depression and nightmares. During the first 7 days of the treatment I had the usual headache. During the second week I had headache only twice. Then,I suffered from headache more andmore rarely as the pain became less intense. During the 3rd and the 4th month of the treatment I only had slight headaches maybe 2 or 3 times a week, but they would disappear in no more than15 minutes without the need to take any drugs. I hadvertigo much more rarely and I wasn't depressed any more. I had a sound sleep without nightmares. During the 5th month of the treatment the headache ceased completely and presently I have none of the rest of the other migraine symptoms.


Case 15

Mrs. Z. V., 34 years old –

For 2 years I had migraine attacks which would occur once or twice a month. During this time the left part of the head ached for3 to 4 hours. Every fit was accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Noise, music and light made it even worse. During the attacks I took different painkillers with minimal effect. I had suffered nervous breakdowns and palpitation. During the first month of the homeopathic treatment I didn't have any migraine fits at all. That was a nice surprise to me, because I had family troubles at that time and in such cases normally I always had fits. I haven't had any complaints since then.

Case 16

Mrs. D. G., 38 years old –

I suffered from migraine for about ayear. The fits normally appeared twice a month or sometimes more frequently. Usually the pain would be located around the left eye. In the last few months I had a strong fit which lasted three days in a row and at least one day during the rest of the weeks. The pain was accompanied by nausea, and quite often by vomiting as well. Bright light would also irritate me. It got even worse if I jerked my head. A cold compress on the scalp would alleviate slightly the pain. When I had fits I could not even go to work. I haven't had any fits since the beginning of the treatment. Only once I had aslight headache after a sleepless night of celebration.

Case 17

Mrs. T. N., 34 years old -

I had headache at least twice a week for about four months. They were intense and even high dosages of analgesics could not ease the pain. The fits lasted for up to three hours. After a forty-day homeopathic treatment the headaches were eliminated.

Case 18

Miss G. A., 21 years old-

I had suffered from intense headaches for ten years. In the best of the cases, it occurred twice a week and lasted all day. SometimesI hada continuous headache during the day which lasted for weeks.I was being treated with five different medicines, but this resulted in only a temporary improvement. In the first two days of the homeopathic treatment I had experienced some intense healing reactions in the form of headaches. But after a four-month treatment the headaches were eliminated once and for all.

Case 19

Mrs. M. K., 32 years old -

I had severe migraine attacks several times and each was accompanied by nausea, dizziness and a ringing in my ears. Only when lying down while applying a cold compress to my head, would I feel a little better. My headaches were slighter when I traveled or when I moved to places with different altitude. After a three-month treatment all the migraine symptoms disappeared.

Case 20

Mrs. M. M., 31 years old -

I had suffered from weak headache for about nine years. Over the last year, it got more intense and developed into migraine with nausea and dizziness. I fell into depression. I felt a constant and intense nervous strain. I would have pains in my forehead and temples several times every day. When I got worried, I could not breathe. I had no appetite. But since following a three-month treatment I no longer suffer these complaints and feel fantastic.

Case 21

Mrs. R. B., 38 years old -

I suffered from a constant headache and I took "piles of painkillers" in order to relieve the symptoms. I felt weak and indifferent to everything around me. But only one month after the beginning of Mr. Gochev's treatment my problems had disappeared completely.

Case 22

Mrs. N. K., 43 years old -

I suffered from headaches, fear neurosis and depression, as well as pain along the whole of my spinal cord and in the joints of my arms and legs. Over a period of four years I tried many different treatments and even went to mineral spa procedures. After only the twentieth day of Mr. Gochev's treatment I felt that my condition had changed noticeably and for the better. A few months later I was completely cured.

Case 23

Mrs. Y. P., 28 years old –

I had suffered from strong headaches and stomach pains for many years. I sought help from allopathic doctors many times and I took different anesthetics with only a temporary and partial effect. After this three-month homeopathic treatment the problems disappeared.

Case 24

Mrs. D. T., 30 years old –

I had strong migraine attacks almost every dayin the last two years. The pain was always accompanied by nausea, vomiting, an irregular menstrual cycle and a decreased gap between the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.After the first week of treatment the headaches disappeared completely. Since completing the treatment I have only once had a headache and it was caused by a strong solar eruption.

Case 25

Mrs. K. S., 56 years old -

For more than three years I had suffered from intense migraine headaches that occurred once a week. At this time I also suffered from insomnia as a result of the attacks. At present I’ve had no more headaches and felt an improvement in the very first days of the treatment.

Case 26

Mrs. M.V., 33 years old -

I had migraine fits for ten years. The headaches occurred three or four times a week and lasted from one hour to one day. I had to take painkillers until the attack passed. In the first month of my treatment the headaches occurred only twice and were much weaker. The treatment continues.

Case 27

Mrs. K. S., 36 years old -

I had suffered from migraine for about five years. I would feel tension and continuous pain in the forehead, neck, shoulders and temples. This pain caused nausea and my sinuses ached every day. I haven't had any of these complaints since the end of the treatment.

Case 28

Mrs. E.C., 32 years old -

I started having headaches four years ago, after a blow to the head. They would always appear whenever I would got nervous or overstrained. The pain was most often located around the left part of the head. After a one-month treatment the headaches occur much less frequently and their intensity is now minimal.

Case 29

Mrs. V. D., 41 years old -

I had suffered from headaches that were not very intense but occurred every week for over 10 years. Some medicines gave me a temporary relief. I have been completely cured thanks to Mr. Gochev’s homeopathic remedies.

Case 30

Mrs. T. D., 63 years old -

For a month I had endured headaches everyday. I had strong palpitations, suffered from high blood pressure and a quickened pulse. I had also developed a tremor. After only a one-month homeopathic treatment the headaches have gone completely and the other complaints have been reduced to acceptable levels.

Case 31

Mrs. L. B., 60 years old -

I had suffered from headaches for over two years. Sometimes they were mild but at other times a lot stronger. They were accompanied by a shooting pain in the temples. I had fits every afternoon. Soon after a one-month treatment (from April 4, 2001 to May 11, 2001) the headaches ceased. The arrhythmia that I had suffered from for ten years, had also disappeared. Now I sleep well throughout the night.

Case 32

Mrs. N. K., 59 years old –

For years I had suffered from frequent headaches, as well as kidney, pulmonary and heart problems. I also had high blood pressure, fatigue, etc. I was treated by many physicians without any considerable improvement. Now after several months of Mr. Gochev’s these symptoms have dissapeared completely.

Case 33

Mrs. M. N., 45 years old –

I used to suffer from a strong headache most days. I also had a cyst of the left ovary, strong pains in my joints and weakness. I had to take pain-killers every day. After only the first few weeks of this treatment, my headaches, the pain in the joints and the faintness disappeared. My mood also improved considerably.


Case 34

Mrs. V. I., 33 years old –

For five years I suffered from headaches, palpitations, dizziness, general nervous indisposition coupled with high blood pressure. But after just a one-month homeopathic treatment I no longer have these complaints and I feel much more efficient in my work.

Case 35

Miss K. B., 16 years old –

I suffered from frequent headaches and eczematoid seborrhea causing a constant itching sensation. But after 7-8 months of treatment both complaints have disappeared for good.